Booking a Place at Mass

Since we still need to carefully manage the numbers of people who come into the Cathedral at any one time, we use an automated, text-based booking service to allow you to book your place at Mass.  All you need to do is send a text message to book your place.

You need to book a place at Mass to attend a Saturday Vigil Mass, or any Mass on a SundayYou will also need to book a place at Mass to attend a Christmas Mass.  Weekday Masses do not currently need to be booked. 

You can book to attend a Mass on the day, or up to 6 days ahead. If places are still available, booking is possible until the Mass starts. Christmas Masses will be available to book from Friday 11th December at 3pm. Please click here for details.

If you do not have a mobile phone, or you are not able to send a text message, you may book your place by phoning Cathedral House instead, or by talking to a volunteer at Church when you come in for private prayer.

How to Book Your Place at Mass via Text:

  • Prepare a Text on your mobile phone to send to 07476 558810.
    Please note that this isour dedicated and automated Mass Booking Service, and can only receive text messages in the following format.
  • Type in the Mass Code for the Mass you would like to attend, followed by ONE SPACE, then the number of people in your household that you would like to book for (to a maximum of 6 people). If you are booking for unrelated people who are not in the same household, please use separate text messages for each person. The Mass codes and the format of the text must be exact, so please be careful as you type it in.
  • Send your text.  You should receive an immediate reply, either confirming your place or informing you that there is no longer any availability.
  • Your Text reply will be your entrance ticket to Mass. You will need to show your acceptance text to the stewards on the door in order to gain entry to the Cathedral for your chosen Mass. If you have booked via the office, please follow the instructions they give you at the time of booking.

Mass Codes at St Marie’s:

To book the next available Masses, please use the following codes:

  • For the Sunday 17/10/2021 08:30 Hs Mass, use: Sun0830
  • For the Sunday 17/10/2021 10:30 Hs Mass, use: Sun1030
  • For the Sunday 17/10/2021 12:30 Hs Mass, use: Sun1230
  • For the Sunday 17/10/2021 18:30 Hs Mass, use: Sun1830
  • For the Saturday 23/10/2021 17:30 Hs Mass, use: Sat1730

Please note: Mass codes need to be exact to work. Please take care as you type them in.

Examples to illustrate:

  • Text: Sat1230 1 – to book for 1 person to attend Saturday’s 1230 Mass
  • Text: Sun0830 2 – to book for 2 people to attend Sunday’s 0830 Mass
  • Text: Sun1830 5 – to book for 5 people to attend Sunday’s 1830 Mass

A Note About General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

Because we are using mobile phone numbers as a method of allocating places, we need to let you know that we are using the numbers for this purpose. By using this text service, you are giving your consent to us to use your mobile number for the purpose of allocation. 

Please be assured that the phone numbers are not linked in any way to the names or addresses of any persons applying for places.  The phone numbers will be kept for a period of 21 days, and then destroyed.