My Aunt and my Mum seemed to have a competition going between them about who said the most prayers, made the most rosaries to sell for charity or to give away, but especially it seemed to me that the greatest competition was who prayed to ‘Our Lady’ the most, but not just to ‘Our Lady’ but Our Lady of Knock, Lourdes, Fatima, Guadalupe, Medjugorje, etc. etc.

My Aunt and my Mum also had an endless supply of Prayer Books, Holy Pictures and Prayer Cards and statue’s .

The day before my Aunt’s 90th Birthday one of her daughter’s in law went to visit her at the same time as a few members of a Prayer Group that my aunt used to attend before entering the nursing home; when they entered my aunts room they thought she was asleep, but no, she opened her eyes and said ‘Oh good now we can say the Rosary’; so they started praying and as they reached the third mystery, my aunt gave a sigh and they all looked at her; they tell me she had the biggest smile on her face they had ever seen, and she died just like that.

I thought it was ironic that my Mum died the day before her 80th birthday, and now My Aunt died the day before her 90th birthday, no competition about that.

May they both Rest in Peace.

At my Aunt’s funeral the Priest said “perhaps now she will realise that there is only ONE ‘Our Lady’ .”