My daughter who had gone to Padley since being a little girl, worked for the Diocese and was very involved in education.

This is what she wrote about Padley…….for when our Catholic life becomes too snug and comfortable, let us remember that – we are called to bear witness to the Gospel in a world which is becoming increasingly secular and apathetic towards Christian values.

In remembering the Padley Martyrs we are reminding ourselves that the ONE AND ONLY WAY FORWARD is to remain faithful to the teaching of Christ, and to take our part in handing down those teachings to future generations.

The final sentences of Canon Sweeneys book – Padley a Pilgrimage Guide sums up the Padley of today……. “they had a God given faith which we may envy, and which we pray, may also be our own“.

At least we may feel a twinge of conscience if our Catholic lives become snug and comfortable, withering at the thought of the gallows and the quartering block and the stench of Derby gaol.

All of this is as true today as when it was written more than 20 years ago by a young woman in her 20’s.

The Padley Martyrs kept the Faith….we too must follow in their footsteps… not to the gallows as in 1588, but in witnessing to Christ in 2013 in our everyday lives.

Blessed Martyrs of God….pray for US.

July 2013.