Death has entered my life on many occasions. However, the death of a child brings bereavement to another point of life, where one looks for answers.

The question is….who can give you the answers? Who will hold your hand and never let go?

I became a St Marie’s parishioner in 1964. In my late twenties, my family in England had two boys and two girls.

Misfortune happened in 1967. I had a house fire. My two sons were injured and my eldest son did not survive. The church supported me through this terrible time. They took responsibility for everything, including home visits on a daily basis.

As time went on and my family grew up, my second son became very ill, due to the injuries sustained in the fire. Unfortunately, my second son passed away. It felt as though history was repeating itself.

The church was there for me, and my Faith kept me going.

St Marie’s church and the prayers and support of my Catholic friends gave me the strength to carry on.

My Faith will always play a big part in my life.

The death of my two sons has been a test of my Faith.

Mavis Hamilton