A few years ago, my brother in law, Carl, was diagnosed with Crone’s disease. It came as a total shock to all as he had not displayed any of the normal symptoms associated with Crone’s.

Within hours of arriving at hospital he was rushed in for an emergency operation. He had the vast majority of his bowel taken away and was in a critical condition in intensive care.

A few days went by with little or no improvement, then late one Friday evening my wife received a call from her sister, Carl’s wife, telling her that the hospital had been in touch and she should get there asap. Things were not looking good and she was told to be prepared for the worst. They didn’t think he would make it through the night.

That evening I prayed to Our Lady for Carl, Maria his wife, and their two children. I have never prayed as hard in my life and was 100% certain that my prayers were being heard such was the feeling in my bedroom!

The following morning Carl came round. The doctors and nurses were absolutely amazed. The word MIRACLE was spoken and I know, that is exactly what happened.

Eamonn August 2013