Susan was born on 22 December 1956.

I knew Susan for over 30 years and considered her a good friend.

Susan made friends wherever she lived, worked, or worshipped. The wonderful thing was that, once you were her friend, you were her friend forever, even if you met only rarely. This was demonstrated by the number and variety of hospital visitors. Tony, her brother had to make out a rota so that Susan was not overwhelmed. They came to her funeral from all areas of her life, including University, church, and prayer groups.

Susan was a trained bereavement counsellor and helped many people, she spent a month in India working with Mother Teresa, she was a good listener and a thoughtful participant and her presence in a group was always valuable. Her stillness and spirituality were impressive and, I am sure, enabled her to die peacefully and with dignity.

Susan was fit and well until 9 weeks from her death. She was diagnosed with a in-operable brain tumour. I was privileged to spend time with her in the final days. Her main worry was for her family and friends, especially her parents, and brother Tony.

The poem was found among her things after she died. She also dictated a letter while in St. Luke’s, when she could no longer write herself. Her words, of the love, support and prayer which surrounded her is Susan’s final message to us all.
“It has been a privilege and a joy to experience such love. If I could bequeath anything, it would be the quality of this love, which is so transformative and all that really matters.

Susan died on 26th August 2011 aged 56. Her ashes were scattered by two of her dearest friends at Bamburgh Castle, were the photograph was taken. May she rest in peace Amen.


Susan Poem