My Journey in Faith

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My Aunt

My Aunt and my Mum seemed to have a competition going between them about who said the most prayers, made the most rosaries to sell for charity or to give away, but especially it seemed to me that the greatest competition was who prayed to ‘Our Lady’ the most, but not just to ‘Our Lady’ […]

From Doubt comes Faith

I have just been received and confirmed into the Catholic Faith at this years’ Easter vigil. The whole experience from making my decision to my confirmation has had a profound experience on me and I wanted to share my story. I was bought up in the Anglican Church, confirmed at age 12 and trotted along […]

Death has entered my life on many occasions

Death has entered my life on many occasions. However, the death of a child brings bereavement to another point of life, where one looks for answers. The question is….who can give you the answers? Who will hold your hand and never let go? I became a St Marie’s parishioner in 1964. In my late twenties, my family in […]

Called to bear witness

My daughter who had gone to Padley since being a little girl, worked for the Diocese and was very involved in education. This is what she wrote about Padley…….for when our Catholic life becomes too snug and comfortable, let us remember that – we are called to bear witness to the Gospel in a world […]

Mass at Padley

A few years ago I was present at Mass at Padley Chapel. It was a very special occasion. IT WAS 400 HUNDRED YEARS SINCE THE MARTYRS WERE CAPTURED AND GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR THE FAITH. 400 years since the Fitzherbert family had 2 priests staying at their home, Padley Hall. 400 years since their lives […]

Susan made friends wherever she lived, worked, or worshiped

Susan was born on 22 December 1956. I knew Susan for over 30 years and considered her a good friend. Susan made friends wherever she lived, worked, or worshipped. The wonderful thing was that, once you were her friend, you were her friend forever, even if you met only rarely. This was demonstrated by the […]

Anne’s Story – Mysterious God’s Ways

Anne was very involved with the Church in a very active and forward looking parish. She was a reader and a Eucharistic minister, gave talks and ran courses in the parish and the diocese. The parish priest was moved and replaced by a man with a completely different view of Church and community. He dissolved […]

The Visit of The Relics of St Theresa

he relics of St Theresa were touring the country and people were encouraged to go to venerate the relics when they visited The Carmelite Convent at Kirkedge on the outskirts of Sheffield.

I thought about it and almost decided that I didn’t want to go.

The Faith Story of a “Cradle Catholic”

To believe in God is what I call ‘The Gift of Faith’. It not possible to prove that God exists in any concrete form that people can see – if that were possible – then ‘Faith’ would not be necessary. Until July this year, much of the catholic faith seemed to me to be dry […]