Introduction: a description of the relevant personal circumstances of the individual. For example stage of life, nationality or family situation. Please be assured that only that which is necessary for the message of the story is required.

The body of the story: this is the ‘Faith Story’ section. What happened in your life, in your own personal experience that contains the message of faith that you wish to share. For example, how did your faith help you at this time, how was the role of faith in your life altered by this experience.

The conclusion: what was the outcome of your experience. How has this affected both your life and the subsequent role of faith within your life.

There are two PPC members, Julie Bickerstaff and Eileen Maher, dedicated to helping anyone who may wish to discuss in confidence their personal story, or who may like a little help in putting the story together.

Finally: ideally the individual stories should be able to fit on an A5 sheet (ie one side of our weekly bulletin). You may wish to put your name to your story or you may offer it anonymously.

For further information and details about how to submit your story contact either Julie Bickerstaff on 07583486991 or Eileen Maher on 0114 2796557