The Cathedral Church of St Marie – Centre for Catholic worship in Sheffield since 1850

Sheffield Catholic Cathedral – Diocese of Hallam

Welcome to the Cathedral Church of St Marie, the mother church of the Diocese of Hallam and the seat of its Bishop, The Rt Rev Ralph Heskett. St Marie’s is located at the heart of Sheffield City Centre, in the midst of its civic, cultural and commercial life. It is open throughout the day and visited by large numbers of people. The parish community is a vibrant one and it offers a warm welcome to visitors and newcomers. People from many different cultural and national backgrounds have found a spiritual home here. When you are next in Sheffield do come and join us in our liturgical worship and visit this beautiful church.

About St Marie’s logo: the architecture and much of the decoration of St Marie’s cathedral uses designs and motifs from English churches built before the Reformation. This logo centres on the letter “M”, for Mary, written in a style from the same time. The “M” is crowned, representing Mary as our Lady, and the style of the crown is also based on a medieval design. The words spoken by the angel to the Virgin Mary at the Annunciation, “Hail Mary, full of grace” are included in this logo in Latin, the traditional language of the Roman Catholic Church. A logo, cast in metal and similar to this one, can be seen on the exterior of the South door of the cathedral and was placed there when St Marie’s was built.


Sheffield Catholic Cathedral