On Sunday mornings during term-time, children of all ages are invited and escorted out of the 10:30 Mass to have their own service in the Houlden Hall. Our aim is to help children enjoy the experience of coming to Church, and learn more about Jesus and God as our Heavenly Father, through a more age-appropriate Liturgy.

During Children’s Liturgy, we encourage children to explore and deepen their faith by engaging in fun and active discussions, group prayers and singing. We help them to relate to the key messages of the Gospel, by sharing and drawing on their own experiences, and by making it more applicable to their world. Parents are welcome to accompany their children if they wish to.

Whilst this provision has historically been for children aged 2-8years, we do believe that children of all ages would benefit from having more opportunity to openly discuss and debate the Gospel. So with this in mind, we are in the process of expanding our Children’s provision. If you think your child would benefit, please do send them along; we are committed to developing a Children’s Liturgy service that best meets the needs of our younger parishioners!

And finally, in addition to Children’s Liturgy we also produce a Children’s Activity Sheet every week, which children can read and use during mass. The sheet includes a few words on the week’s Gospel, a Children’s Prayer, a couple of Gospel-related activities (such as a Word Search and a Cross Word Puzzle), and a Colouring section for our younger parishioners. Copies are available at the back of Church (and on this website) and it is a free resource you can use with your child, so please do!
For more information, please contact Candida Calvert after the 10.30am mass, or through Cathedral House: office@stmariecathedral.org. Thank you.

Contact office for more information: office@stmariecathedral.org