This occurs in a group setting every Friday at 2pm and Saturday at 12pm.

St Marie’s is dedicated to Mary, Mother of God. The prayer of the Rosary is associated with Mary who, according to Catholic tradition, gave the Rosary to Saint Dominic as a buttress for ones faith and attached many indulgences to those who pray the Rosary. After the Mass, the Rosary is considered the second most powerful prayer of the church.

The Rosary plays particular significance in St. Marie’s Cathedral. It has been a tradition at St Marie’s for generations for the Rosary to be prayed either in public or in private. All parishioners and visitors are always welcome to pray here, either in their private time or as part of the group on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Rosary, like all other prayers, is a means of sanctification and a deepening of faith, hope and fraternal charity as we meditate on the life death and resurrection of Our Blessed Lord.