The Parish Pastoral Council of the Cathedral Church of St Marie

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) exists to build the parish community by encouraging all parishioners to play a full and active part in parish activities and to support the work of the Cathedral Clergy, staff, parish groups and all others working in the parish.

PPC Aims and Objectives – The Parish Pastoral Council shall:

  • Promote the growth in spirituality of each individual and enable everyone to increase the understanding of their Faith.
  • Continue to seek God’s Will for His creation, promoting justice, peace and reconciliation.
  • Build the Parish community by encouraging all Parishioners to play a full and active part in Parish activities, enabling them to use their skills for the benefit of the Parish, promoting better communication; and developing contacts with other Parishes, Christian churches and other faiths.
  • Support the work of the Cathedral clergy, staff, Parish groups and all others working in the Parish, encouraging the development of broader ministries to serve the Parish and wider community.
  • Ensure ethical management of Parish resources and promote best practice within the Parish.


Click here to visit the Code of Canon Law relating to Parish Pastoral Council (Vatican website).


For further information address correspondence to Chairperson, Leandro Martins via Cathedral House.


PPC News

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