Angels at St Marie's CathedralSt Marie’s Cathedral is situated on Norfolk Row, a quiet street just off Fargate, a busy shopping area in the centre of Sheffield. The Cathedral is easy to miss and almost seems hidden away, which gives you a clue to its origin…

Indeed, the story of St Marie’s began over 300 years ago, when Catholicism in England had been outlawed, and to practice as a Catholic was punishable by fines, or even death. The magnificent St Marie’s we see today, with its tall spire towering over Sheffield, was opened on 11th September 1850.


Angel at St Marie's Cathedral

Today, St Marie’s Cathedral is a wonderful and surprising space to come and explore – either by yourself, or as part of a guided tour. Its Gothic Revival architecture hides an interior rich with symbolic decoration, stunning stained glass, and intricately painted ceramic Victorian wall tiles.

It boasts a fully restored, 1875 Lewis Organ, and over 200 decorative angels. Its treasures include seven alabasters dating from the fifteenth century, a highly decorated Pugin chalice, and an antique chasuble.

In 2014 St Marie’s Cathedral was awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to conserve its heritage and share its stories and treasures with everyone who lives in, works in and visits Sheffield. As part of the project, a film was created by Volunteers at St Marie’s Cathedral to celebrate the history, art and treasures of the Cathedral and to extend a welcome to all who wish to visit and discover the peace and tranquility of St Marie’s.

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