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Catholics have worshipped openly on the site where St Marie’s Cathedral Sheffield stands, for more than 200 years.  Initially, their place of worship was a little chapel, built in the garden of a house on Fargate; by 1846, the chapel was simply too small for its growing population.

The Vision of Fr Pratt

It was the vision and courageous ambition of a young priest, Fr Pratt, in the 1840s, that led to the commission of a new Catholic church for the expanding town of Sheffield. 

The Cathedral's architect

Leading local architect, Matthew Hadfield, was the man he commissioned, and after some substantial fundraising, the St Marie’s that we know today was completed in 1850.  It was only made possible by the generous donations from the Duke of Norfolk, his family, and the parishioners of Sheffield.

The Development of St Marie’s:

The church has undergone quite a bit of change since then.  It was re-ordered in the 1970s, and a new altar installed so mass could be celebrated facing the people.  It became a Grade II listed building in 1973.  Then in 1980, the new diocese of Hallam was created and St Marie’s became a Cathedral.  Finally, in 2011, St Marie’s undertook a much needed, extensive programme of renovation.


The sanctuary was extended and reordered, and a new Cathedra installed.  Many original features were rediscovered and restored during this renovation, including the 15th Century Alabaster panels and the Victorian tiles. The third phase of renovation was completed in 2018, with the full restoration of St Marie’s rare 1875 Lewis Organ.

Statue of Virgin and Child from above the North Door of the Cathedral Church of St Marie, which is believed to come from the Chapel that stood on the site of the Cathedral

St Marie’s Cathedral is part of the cultural heritage of Sheffield.  It is the culmination of the vision and ambition of a few, combined with the generosity of many. It has been a sanctuary of prayer and peacefulness for many generations, and – God willing – of many more generations to come.  All are welcome at St Marie’s. 

As is often the case, having responsibility for a piece of our heritage – such as St Marie’s – carries with it financial burden. With your help, we can ensure that St Marie’s continues to thrive and grow for the benefit of future generations to come.

How You Can Help:

There are several ways you can support our Cathedral, and we are always grateful for every gift that is made, however great or small. 

How to Make a Donation Electronically:

How to Donate Cash or Cheques (please expand for more details)

Donations of cash, cheques payable to St Marie’s Cathedral, or card payments can be made at Cathedral House Office during office hours Monday to Friday. 

If you are able to Gift Aid your donation this allows us to reclaim the tax you have paid on your gift and increases the value of your donation by 25%, please consider this if you are eligible.

How to Leave a Legacy (please expand for more details)

Remembering the Cathedral in your will, is a very personal and significant way you could help; please consider whether you could help in this way.  Legacies can make a big difference enabling St Marie’s to continue its mission in Sheffield.  However large or small, whether a fixed percentage of your estate or a cash gift, your gift will help. 

Wills are best done through a solicitor and we would suggest you discuss this with your own advisor if you are considering helping the Cathedral in this way.  Further information is available in leaflets at the back of church, or from the cathedral office (email: [email protected]).