Heritage Guides for Your Visit

If you are planning to come and explore the history and heritage of St Marie’s Cathedral in person, we have some online Heritage Guides to help you make the most of your visit. The guides have been specially designed for easy access on your mobile phone:

  • A Guide to Edible England in St Marie’s
  • A Guide to the Tributes and Memorials to St Joseph in St Marie’s
  • A Guide to the West Window of St Marie’s
  • A Guide to the Hidden Nature of St Marie’s
Free Audio Guides

To get the most out of your Cathedral experience, may we suggest that you use our free AUDIO GUIDES. Please download an application called izi.travel to your phone, using the corresponding app repository (check links below).

Once you have the app installed, go back to scanning the corresoponding QR codes below to access our individual guides or the following QR code that takes you to the main izi entry for St Marie’s.

We also encourage you to download all the audio guides to your phone before your visit to the Cathedral – in this case you wouldn’t need to waste time downloading big files. To do so, push “download” (NOTE: once you download the app, scan the QR code again to go to our visits).

A Guide to Edible England in St Marie’s

Welcome to our guides exploring the central role which food and drink play in Christianity through the art within St Marie’s.

These audio, video, web-based and printable guides highlight the depictions of food and drink in the stained glass, carving and tiling throughout the Cathedral to symbolise life and growth, as a focus for celebration and thanksgiving, gathering the faithful together around a communal table

A Guide to St Joseph at St Marie’s

Welcome to our guide on the tributes and memorials to Saint Joseph the Worker, here at St Marie’s.  This tour has been specially created to commemorate the Year of St Joseph, 8th December 2020 to 8th December 2021 – as proclaimed by Pope Francis.

In this tour, you will learn more about Saint Joseph as a man, as well as the local people and families in our history who wished to commemorate him.

A Guide to the West Window at St Marie’s

 Welcome to our guide to St Marie’s great West Window. This impressive window was designed by Pugin, the famous Victorian architect, and links certain events in the Old Testament to events in the New Testament.

This Tour shows you how to ‘read’ the panels, and allows you to inspect the amazing details of the design and the tracery more closely.

A Guide to the Hidden Nature of St Marie’s


Welcome to the guide to the Hidden Nature found within the Cathedral Church of St Marie.

Before you start your tour, you may want to explore the meanings and symbolism of the plants and creatures you will encounter during your visit.

At any time during your visit you can return to the symbolism page or to a location, using the location menu at the side of each page.