When you go back outside the Cathedral, take a look at the stonework. There you will see fantastic animals, gargoyles and grotesques.

Now, walk down Norfolk row towards the Crucible Theatre. As you reach Norfolk Street, look at the carved relief over the rear door to the Cathedral, which shows the Annunciation, the moment when the Archangel Gabriel invited

You will see Gabriel is carrying a lily and there are lilies in the vase behind them, a symbol of Mary’s purity, while the dove, representing the Holy Spirit, hovers above.Virgin Mary to bring Christ into the world.

As you leave St Marie’s, look up at the spire and you will see it is surmounted by a weather cock, the final piece of the hidden nature of Saint Marie’s.

The Weathercock’s Eye View of Sheffield

Sheffield Town Hall, Pinstone Street and Barkers Pool, seen from the top of St Marie’s Spire (above), with the Crucible and Lyceum Theatres, Central Library, Millennium Galleries and Winter Garden (below).